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Dragalia Lost - Paid Version - 1.3.0-1

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Dragalia Lost v1.2.1 Hacks - Paid Version

Hack Features:

- Auto Play Always On - Starts Game with Auto Play Turned On (Turn off when using CO-OP).

- Damage Multiplier x5 - Deal x5 More Damage (Linked with Enemy Attack).

- Movement Speed Multiplier x5 - Movement Speed is x5 more faster.

- Instant Kill - Kill enemies in one hit.

- Instant Skill - Instantly get skill.

- No Enemy Attack - Enemies will not attack.

- No Enemy Barrier - Enemies will not use barrier.

- Always Strong Enemies - This will make all enemies stronger which gives more drops.

- No Rare Enemy Retreat - Rare enemies will never retreat.

- Dragon Always Available - Dragon Transformation always available.

- Infinite Dragon Time - Dragon will not disappear.

- Treasures Always Rare - Treasures are always rare (Experimental not sure if this really works).

- No Cheat Detection - Lower risk of getting banned (This does not remove the possibity of getting banned, so do not over use the hacks).

Price: $10, and $5 per update.


1. Send payment to "" as ”GIFT” or you can also pay me with Bitcoin to "3Nre5n2ahgsvtVXDEopCkwrYhixBBWXXfN".

2. Once you do that send me an email with the transaction ID and your UDID (this can be found in itunes)

3. Once i verify the payment and add your UDID i will activate it and email you when you are able to download.


Updated to v1.3.0


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